Revit + Lighting

Webinar: Revit + Lighting with Kate Swayze

A class and learning session with Kate Swayze of Phi Architects Are you a lighting professional feeling behind on your BIM modeling skills? Are you a designer looking to better understand Revit lighting tools? If so, sign up today for our FREE May event today and let us help you navigate the world of

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Deep Data Webinar with Michael Skurla

Deep Data in Enterprise Portfolios Mike Skurla, LEED AP O+M & BD+C, MIES, ASHRAE, CABA Chief Technology Officer – RadixIoT (A Compass Datacenters Company) The (Internet of Things) IoT acronym has given rise to a myriad of products flooding the market. The actual application and advantage of these technologies, however, has been a convoluted

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