Deep Data Webinar with Michael Skurla

  • Synergistic Buildings Webinar
    February 3, 2021
    12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Deep Data in Enterprise Portfolios

Chief Technology Officer – RadixIoT (A Compass Datacenters Company)

The (Internet of Things) IoT acronym has given rise to a myriad of products flooding the market. The actual application and advantage of these technologies, however, has been a convoluted topic within the building community. These IoT devices offer abstract promises of data, but the reality is that much of the conversation on IoT has been on the wrong side of the equation. Built infrastructure within buildings is a combination of many subsystems, all of which offer a tremendous amount of data now (IoT coined or not). Regrettably, much of the data has been locked up in proprietary ecosystems to date and has been unable to be harnessed for higher purposes collectively. IoT platforms have emerged to address this disjointed architecture by collecting, organizing, and delivering data in a more comprehensive and I.T. friendly way – enabling actionable business intelligence for customers, often referred to as outcome-based analytics. IoT technology certainly adds more data points, but the ability to collect everything into one location and offer a data collection to third party analytics enables building infrastructure to be used well beyond pure efficiency and ROI stores – impacting both the top and the bottom line of the occupants’ core business.

The primary learning objectives of this program include:

  • Define an IoT Platform and how it differs from building management systems (BMS/EMS) and individual control solution (lighting, HVAC, security, etc).
  • Discuss the practical definition of IoT in the constructed world and the idea of a sensory network of players in a building or facility.
  • Define Hot data (compared to cold data), and how it relates to a building’s ROI story, and the advantages beyond just simple payback – including what is organically driving this shift by end users and the use within buildings beyond simple energy savings.
  • Recognize a ‘framework’ and how it differentiates from a ‘system’, and what advantages a layer such as this plays to the greater core business of a property owner, operator, tenant, and occupant. (Including a case studies)
  • Discuss where lighting solutions fit, and where they don’t work within a framework and explore the current hybrid options that are emerging.

About the Speaker:

Mike Skurla has 22+ years’ experience in control automation and IoT product design with fortune 500 companies, focused on the intersection of software, analytics, and hardware with an emphasis on outcome-based analytics for the mission-critical industry in various verticals including retail, healthcare, as well as with data center infrastructure management (DCIM). As a contributor to several industry publications, Skurla’s articles have appeared in such industry publications as Critical Facilities, LD+A, and USGBC. A frequent lecturer on advanced usage of analytics and emerging IT technologies to foster efficiency within commercial facility design, Skurla is a contributing member of ASHRAE, IES Education, and USGBC.


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